Small Business Web Design Packages

Our Small Business Web Design solution offering provides a functionally rich, easy to use platform for small business websites that are built to grow with your business and minimizes future costs. WordPress is the best solution for small and large businesses alike because of its strong coding and solid architecture.  WordPress has become the perfect Content Management System for creating user-friendly, Search Engine Optimized websites that effortlessly and responsively adapt for tablets and smartphones.

Mobile Responsiveness

Everything we do do is built to be cross platform, cross device and mobile responsive. Mobile responsiveness is not just important to website visitors using their laptop, their smart phone or tablet, it is also very important to search engines like Google and Bing. In fact, Google is implementing a policy of MOBILE FIRST.   This is because desktop browsing is being surpassed by website usage on tablets and smartphones and even TVs.  Your website is now accessed via multiple devices from small-screen phones to large monitors and TVs. Small businesses must have websites that work properly across all these device simultaneously.   We don’t build anything that doesn’t work on all devices.

Easy to Use

Our Small Business Web Design packages built on WordPress, it’s easy for anyone to do ongoing content updates and additions  within a user friendly dashboard. The WordPress community offers great support for landing page creation, conversion forms, blogging, social media integration, and list building. All inside one user friendly dashboard.  It’s cost effective to add new functionality as you grow. As part of each package we provide one-on-one training for you and your team. We also install how-to videos that are accessible right within your dashboard on the basics operation of your site for easy reference and onboarding of new employees.

Search Engine Optimization

We believe in the power of good SEO and we include search engine optimization in most website design projects. We’ll teach you about the importance of content marketing and social media, while also explaining how both play a critical role in today’s world of organic SEO. Our all-inclusive website packages include discovery, keyword research, site mapping, and on-page optimization of content and meta. We’ll also add a great SEO plugin that will help guide you in creating new SEO friendly content.

Cost Effective

Developing a quality website can be a big investment for small businesses. Unlike other software platforms that charge large monthly fees, WordPress is extremely low cost to maintain and it creates a low total cost of ownership for business owners. WordPress provides a feature rich web presence without the need for utilizing in-house technical resources. It also frees small businesses from being reliant on expensive website design firms and being forced to pay for large monthly retainers. You decide how much or how little support you want from website design agencies.

Tons of Functionality

With over 30,000 plugin extensions available, WordPress gives small businesses a plethora of functionality. From forums and social media networks to e-commerce and learning management systems, WordPress has a plugin extension to meet almost any situation. And if an existing solution isn’t already in place, custom plugins will allow WordPress users to create custom stand-alone applications without ever touching the core software’s source code.